Oyster Delivery

Oyster Delivery in Hong Kong

For any kind of oyster delivery in Hong Kong, it is best to buy from Farmer's Market, as it’s the only way that you can be sure you’re getting the best in quality, freshness and value for money.

We are leading the way for oyster delivery in Hong Kong, with speedy service and top quality products you can depend on.


Why Our Hong Kong Customers Love Oysters?

In western cuisines there are generally only three variations of oyster dishes on offer, Oysters au Naturel, Oysters Rockefeller, and Oysters Kilpatrick. In Hong Kong, however, there are thousands of ways to prepare oysters, and nobody can truly claim to have lived without trying them all.


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There is such a long tradition of oyster cultivation in Hong Kong that chefs are especially skilled in preparing oyster dishes, and all culinary styles are represented in Hong Kong. Oysters can be found in the finest restaurants and stir fried at hawker stalls with egg and condiments. From the top of the town to the bottom of town, oysters are on the menu somewhere.

Locals and regular visitors to Hong Kong quickly learn where the best places for oysters are (and remember, because Hong Kong is the best place for oysters, these will be the best of the best). To get truly superior results requires the chefs to source their oysters from top quality suppliers, which is where Farmer's Market is here to help.

Our oysters are harvested and delivered fresh every day, in their peak condition, and made ready for sale online to ensure total convenience for our customers. This assures you of a safe product that meets the strictest standards for quality.

You can tell when oysters are of good quality. They look better, they smell fresher, and they have the best texture and taste. Never accept anything of lower standards, because it will make a big difference, and whether you are making food for your family or for the public, safety is always important.

Be sure of a safe product with superior taste, smell, texture, and freshness when you buy your oysters from Farmer's Market. We bring you the best oysters all year round, and you can even order your oysters from us online.

Ordering online is easy and very convenient for you. You can order the oysters you need without having to leave the office, and without even having to pick up the phone.

We also a provider of seafoods in Hong Kong as well supplying you with fresh fish including fresh salmons. 

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