Our salmon range comes from Huon Aquaculture which was established in 1987, their business has grown to become Australia’s signature producer of salmon. They are recognised around the world for the quality of their salmon and the ingenuity of their operations. Huon’s focus is on sustainable industry and safety of their employees, the welfare of the fish and the wildlife around the farms.

Our Kuhlbarra Barramundi come from Barramundi ASIA an Australian Barramundi farm raising Australian Barramundi in the seas off Singapore that have strong currents bringing a constant supply of pristine, oxygen-rich sea water. The Barramundi is grown from Australian Barramundi eggs and are monitored and controlled at every aspect of fish production including fish health, welfare, and nutrition. Barramundi ASIA take farming and the environment very serious and maintain sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices.

NOTE: If you are ordering frozen seafood there maybe an expiry date on the packet however that expiry date is only for fresh products, once frozen the product can be kept for 6 months frozen after that date.

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Seafood Delivery in Hong Kong


For quality meat and seafood delivery in Hong Kong, Farmer’s Market offers one of the most fulfilling customer experiences in the city. We not only insist on very high standards of quality in the meat and seafood we provide but we also familiarise ourselves with the conditions under which the fish and animal sources of our products are reared before making approvals.

With an ever-growing number of customers who opt to buy seafood online, that’s fresh and free of antibiotics and hormones, we’ve become one of the most trusted names for seafood delivery in Hong Kong.

Efficiency is key for us and our online seafood store offers one of the best shopping experiences for lovers of good meat and seafood in Hong Kong.


Australia’s Top Salmon Producers

meat and seafood consumers across Hong Kong, and the quality of our produce and our customer care is never compromised.

Our valued customers can’t get enough of our fresh salmon that’s shipped from Australia’s signature salmon producer – Huon Aquaculture. With a focus on creating a sustainable industry that’s dedicated to ensuring the welfare of the fish and the wildlife around their farms, Huon Aquaculture is a fine example of the kind of farms that we’re partnered with.


Fresh Australian Seafood Store

With a goal of becoming the most prominent and trusted online butcher in all of Hong Kong, we work hard to ensure that every facet of our business – from sourcing to delivery – is to the highest standard possible.

Fresh seafood delivery in HK is what we do best, and we’d love you to try some of our chilled or frozen seafood options so you can see first-hand how delicious our produce is.


Looking For An Online Seafood Store That Offers Variety?

With such a broad range of seafood options to pick from, our customers are usually spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for seafood online.

Depending on shipments, we offer everything from fresh-portioned salmon and smoked salmon to oysters and barramundi fillets.


Have a question? We’d love to hear from you.

Wondering how long it would take to get fresh salmon shipped to your door? Want to know much it would cost for a fresh seafood delivery to your home in Hong Kong? If so, we’d love to hear from you, as we’d be more than happy to help.

You can contact us here.

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Frozen - 1kg pack of Wild ClearWater Scallops from Canada - Farmers Market Limited

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